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Saturday To-Do: Edgefest VI



1 p.m., State Fairgrounds. $35.

You already know good and well whether or not you're going to Edgefest, Little Rock's sixth annual festival of everything raaaaaaawk. It's a day in the scorching sun, soaking up some of the most angst-y, angry, misguided music that modern rock has to offer from the likes of the furious Godsmack, the irate Papa Roach, the enraged Five Finger Death Punch, the fuming Hellyeah, the incensed Bullet For My Valentine, the annoyed Drowning Pool, the teed-off Seether and a band called Lacuna Coil that I won't describe because I've exhausted Microsoft Word's synonym feature. You get the point. However, in the middle of this buffet of bitchery, King Psychobilly himself, Rob Zombie, takes stage. He's awesome and probably single-handedly worth the admission price. But after looking at the photos on the Edgefest website, I remembered that getting beat up behind a port-a-john by dudes in knock-off Oakleys isn't my digs, so I can safely say I'm staying far away.

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