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Friday To-Do: Brother Andy & His Big Damn Mouth



9 p.m., White Water Tavern. $5.

A year after seeing one of their first shows, I'm still asking myself, “Where in the hell did these guys come from?” Sure, the three guys who make up Brother Andy & His Big Damn Mouth are familiar, hairy dudes about town, but in the course of weeks — and not many, at that — the outfit proved that Little Rock has the energy to turn a crew of dudes with a batch of wickedly catchy, deceptively smart songs into an overnight sensation. Despite the fact that the band didn't have any recordings other than a precious few demos on their MySpace page, their early audiences (crowds in the true sense of the word) already knew the songs, singing along to this self-described brand of “white trash power pop” that marries the sonic tension of Black Francis or J. Mascis to the warped South of Flannery O'Connor and poetic perversities of Henry Miller. So after months of gigging and churning out a string of instant local classics (“Mona's Song,” “Rotgut Redemption”), the trio's finally releasing “Mystic Indian Hitmakers,” its debut album (for sale at the show for $5) — and the first of a trilogy the prolific trio plans to put out this year. Dare I say this show is not to be missed, even if you have only the slightest, tinkling interest in local music? I sure do. Folk garage trio Jonathan Wilkins & The Reparations open while the heavy-drinking alt-country act of Drunken Angels bid happy trails to town with their final show.

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