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It's not as bad as you might think


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So, as I mentioned in the Krazy Mike's piece last week, I'm doing some research.  I've been working on a sea-to-table piece on Gulf shrimp.  Now, there's a lot of concern right now about how the oil spill is going to raise the price of seafood and such.  I talked with John Ray Nelson with Bon Secour Fisheries this morning.  He had some enlightening thoughts about the spill and the coverage it's been getting.

"Most of the information people have been getting -- it’s not been completely factual. You know the story of Chicken Little?  All the dangers of the oil coming ashore, we’ve known it's minimal. It’s nothing like the Valdez spill, it's over 100 miles from shore.  It's something to be concerned about for sure, but we don't need to take this Chicken Little attitude."

Nelson told me he's had restaurants calling asking for gigantic orders so they can stock up in case of a shortage, but as he puts it, "we tell most people, don’t worry about running out of shrimp, All you need to worry about is whether you have the money to pay for them."

So... there you go.  I'm still tracking down all the pieces for my research, but I wanted to share that with you this morning.  Enjoy your shrimp.


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