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So I suppose you've been wondering where I've been.  Well, frankly, I've been working.  No joke.  I'm in Orange Beach, AL working on a sea-to-table story about shrimp.  Funny thing is, I had this planned out a while back.  Had no idea there'd be an oil spill involved.

Yes, people around here are worried about it.  But so far, there's been no oil on the beach.  It hasn't spread as far as the Gulf Shores area.  Whether or not it will is impossible for me to say.

But you know me... there's absolutely no reason not to gather as much information as possible on a trip like this.  That's why I can tell you that those steamed oysters above are available on the Steamed Seafood Platter at Live Bait.  I managed to eat all the seafood on the platter -- what seemed like a pound of snow crab legs, a mess of shrimp and those oysters (there were four) -- but I had to leave behind the corn and potatoes.  Wonder where else I went?  Royal Red shrimp and three more places on the jump. 



Had dinner over at the Beach Club Restaurant the other evening... where a chef was on hand to make up pasta creations from scratch. That's how I ended up with this tasty bowl (above) of Shrimp and Crawfish Fettucini with cajun seasoning and not a lick of pork in it. That shaved Parmesan was perfect. 

Don't these look tasty? Those there on the left are Royal Red shrimp, harvested from out on the shelf in the Gulf of Mexico. They're not cheap by any means but I believe they're going to be harder to find for a little while.

Had these and a whole lot of other tasty goodies at a little place called King Neptune. Doesn't look like much from the outside, but it packs out. Got there at 11 a.m. when they opened, and less than half an hour later there was a line at the door. People wait a good long time to get in there... and I understand why. Oh, the bread pudding appears to be made in a Bundt cake pan... from the size and shape of the mountain they serve. 


And this... well, this isn't your typical sushi. It's not even fish. Someone... someone in Arkansas needs to duplicate this. It's a Duck Roll. It's smoked duck, pepper jelly, blanched red and green bell pepper and cream cheese rolled tight in a paper wrapper. And it... it's incredible. Yes, I'm going to try it myself... with some of Liz and Linda's Pepper Jelly. This came from a restaurant called Cosmo's. Ran into an old friend while I was there... Anyway, I'll be home tomorrow evening. I'll likely have stories to share. Just wanted to let you know where I was.

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