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Saturday To-Do: David Kimbrough Jr.




9 p.m., White Water Tavern. $10.

You know, I'd suspect that, by definition, it's impossible to be born into the blues. You've got to earn honest calluses on your fingertips, not to mention tap into some down deep mysticism or soulfulness, to really play the blues. Even if you're the only one of 28 children who chose to carry on the namesake of the venerable blues emperor for infinity and some, Junior Kimbrough. No sir, there's no room for nepotism on a juke joint stage and David Kimbrough Jr. certainly wasn't ushered onto the placards with a silver guitar in his hand. He began his career at 6, singing alongside his father at the local fish fry. He served time in Parchman Farm, the Mississippi state prison with a gory history of racism. Now he runs a juke joint outside of Holly Springs, carrying on the custom of his father's famous stomp shack, Junior's, and playing weekend gigs all around the South. Is it history repeating itself or a family tradition? Y'know, it doesn't really matter when he's taking his father's tribal repetition and salty licks and kneading it in with his generation's take on soul music. Mockingbird, self-described “fine purveyors of hillbilly psychedelia,” open alongside long-established local singer-songwriter Stacey Mackey. Before Kimbrough starts his blues set, all three acts will share the stage and perform a handful of what Mockingbird calls “genre bending” original songs.

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