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Krazy good



I've been working on this project (yeah, you'll find out about it soon enough), and part of this project involves me coming up with all the restaurants I've visited in the past few years.  While getting my stuff together, I discovered I'd never shared with you anything about Krazy Mike's.

It's easy to miss, tucked back in the Bowman Curve shopping center down from FuLin's.  In fact, when it opened there was this big sign out front that just said "RESTAURANT." 

But yes, it's been tried.  And it fills a nice little niche in the area -- for decently affordable seafood. 


Not to say the place is perfect.  At lunch it's loud and sometimes it's hard to get the order over the counter perfectly.  There are no high chairs (yes, to me that's a big deal right now).  But...

Well, the food is good.  Such as the Shrimp Po'Boy.  It's got some good bread (and darn it, I can't remember the name of the breadmaker, starts with an "L" but it's not coming to mind this morning).  The bread is nice and chewy, the shrimp is nicely battered and fried but not overdone, there's plenty of lettuce and mayo and even a slice of tomato with it.  It's served up with fresh cut fries and is pretty good.

I went on a Friday a while back and got one of the specials, a Catfish and Shrimp basket with hush puppies and fries and slaw for $8.68.  And the catfish is done just right -- not spectacular, but still pretty good.  Would have been better with some green tomato relish, but that's just me.  Still dug quite extensively on the shrimp.  The shrimp is tasty.  From what I understand, it's flown in from Bon Secour, AL.  Well, I'm just going to have to go down there and check that out.  Yes, I'm leading up to something... you'll have to wait a little bit.

We also ordered up a basket of fried wings (10 for $6.50), half in garlic parmesan and half in Thai chili sauce.  They were awesome.  I have heard from others that the wings are skimpy but that wasn't my experience.  The parmesan ones were good but the Thai chili ones were sweet and almost suckable.

I do wish they offered table service, but that's all right.  Sometimes we all need to stand in line.  I suppose with the shape of the restaurant and the high number of take-out orders I saw there, it just makes sense.  Oh, they do serve beer by the bottle, have specials just about every day and... well, just go.

You'll find Krazy Mike's at 200 North Bowman Road... they do take call-in orders to (501) 907-6453.

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