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Saturday To-Do: Woo at the Zoo



Banana slugs get freaky deaky.

6 p.m., Little Rock Zoo. $35.

Sure, we all know about the birds and the bees, but maybe it's time to learn about the bonobo monkeys and the bandicoots. Here's a good one: banana slugs have 8-inch penises. Wait, they also have eight-inch bodies and, during copulation, may find themselves inescapably lodged in their partner. Wait, if that happens, one partner will escape by chewing the other one's penis clean off. Porcupines share a disgusting mating ritual with R. Kelly as well (rhymes with “embolden towers”). Animals are messed up and Little Rock Zoo is ready to celebrate it! For this year's “Woo at the Zoo,” they're offering an after-hours tour of the zoo with a special keeper chat about the mating behaviors of the animals they keep; appetizers from, yes, Hooters; unlimited beverages, auctions and music by cover band The Core. Go for the wings, stay for the wangs.

-John Tarpley

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