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Movie news round-up: David Green taking on teen fugitive



Airplane thief, Colton Harris Moore.

*Been meaning to mention this for a minute: David Gordon Green's new production company, Rough House, recently picked up the rights to a still-in-the-works book based on this pretty engrossing story in Outside about Colton Harris Moore, a 19-year-old fugitive who's eluded every branch of law enforcement working in the northwest part of the country for several years. He's stolen several airplanes, he often goes barefoot so as to not leave footprints and he's apparently really, really fast. Green will likely direct the film, according to /Film.

*Springdale's Hannover House is emerging as a player in the indie film world, according to Arkansas Business. The distributor's picked up recent winners at Sundance and Slamdance and plans to release the more mainstream "Twelve," starring Emma Roberts and Chace Crawford and directed by Joel Schumacher.

*Ebert liked "That Evening Sun." Called Ray McKinnon's performance "subtle."

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