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You know, I've heard of barbecue that falls off the bone... and I've encountered some pretty well smoked and tender meats in my time.  But until recently I'd never been able to suck the meat right off without chewing.  Found a place like that, and wish it were closer to home.  The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint down in Mobile has, I kid you not, these things called Chicken Wangs - chicken wings that are smoked and sauced and literally fall apart on contact. The pork ribs are the same way, barely maintaining viability on the bone until arrival in the mouth.  The sauce?  Think the flavor of Sim's sauce with the thickness of Corky's.  Good stuff.

Thing is, where do you find suckable wings and ribs around here?  The sort the elderly set can leave the teeth at home for?  I'm just aching to know.  We've had the chicken wing discussion before, but perhaps through the context of barbecue we can finally find a great BBQ wing place we can all agree comes out on top. 

And yeah, if you are Mobile-bound, feel free to wander over to Tie Dye Travels and take a look around.


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