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Friday To-Do: Designer Drugs



9 p.m., Revolution, $10 early admission.

This DJ duo, as they should, oozes “privilege” and “hedonism.” Their press photos reinforce the image, too. In each, one, always sickly pale, downs a glass of whiskey while the other, a DeNiro look-alike, sports glassy, dilated pupils under his Starter hat. Sure, the nu-rave/electrohouse subgenre may find itself cramped in a backlash because it's the electronic music du jour. But trendy or not, these guys, like Justice and The Bloody Beetroots, are a step away (in the right direction) from the effete trappings of house music, trading in the glittery, Ibiza-dusted, Moroder-biting egotism for gritty, four-on-the-floor, Throbbing Gristle-biting egotism. So yeah, it screams privilege, hedonism and shallow hipsterism, but do you really want a side of morals and humility with your electro music? Didn't think so. DJs Sleepy Genius, Roxik and Paul Grass — all familiar to the Cool Shoes crowd — open.

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