Thursday To-Do: Webbie | Rock Candy

Thursday To-Do: Webbie



8 p.m., On the Rocks. $10 early admission.

Webbie, the young rapper that peacocks around the beat on his new single, slurring “I'm a lawn digga'” alongside Three Six Mafia, has been on the scene since the late Pimp C signed the then 16-year-old in 2001. While his success is a product of the inescapable mixtape culture, what separates the Baton Rouge rapper from the flood of the mostly indistinguishable 20-something 'Lils and Youngs leaking out of Louisiana is, well, a lot. He has no problem jumping from club-banging speaker meat straight from the mud-on-rim South (“Gimme That,” “Wipe Me Down”) to old school, minimal beat, dirty story songs that kick back to the old West coast (“Bitch”). It's unabashedly uncivilized, R-rated rap with no pretense to be found anywhere—which is why it's so listenable. Purists, be warned, though: Webbie uses those off-putting reference tracks. But judging from videos of his shows, you probably can't hear it over the crowds yelling along with the hooks, like “I'm a lawn digga'.” Wait … it's not “lawn digga?” He's gonna what to whom? Yep. That's R-rated, alright.

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