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Juanita's makes an unprecedented move in the Tex-Mex world


For a month now, the 24-year-old Tex-Mex staple has been charging for its chips and salsa. Like virtually every Tex-Mex or Mexican restaurant in the history of Tex-Mex and Mexican restaurants, Juanita's previously offered them for free.

The combo now costs $1.99 for every one to four to customers.

"Our salsa takes so long to make, it was either go with a cheaper brand salsa or get rid of chips and salsa all together or start charging for it," said assistant manager Kelli Hall by way of explanation this morning.

In response to the suggestion that this was an unprecedented move, Hall said, "most salsas aren't as good as ours, in my opinion."

She said Juanita's roasts its tomatoes for salsa daily in a process that takes up to four hours.

So far, she said, there's been some grumbling from customers, but most have been willing to pony up what she says is not much between four people.

Thanks to Eat Arkansas reader Mordy for the tip.

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