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Last Night: Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs



Lawyer Dave and Holly G somewhere else.

Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs
April 8, Sticky Fingerz

In explaining how the band downsized from a four-piece to a duo, Holly and Lawyer Dave improvised a half-hearted yarn about a Swiss Alps tour-bus accident. The truth is, Lawyer Dave is "The Brokeoffs," in its entirety. He impressively plays percussion with his feet: Instead of just a kick-drum, there's a kick-snare and a very low-sitting hi-hat. After the first song Holly asked him to go easy on the snare. So, imagine playing what is basically lead guitar, singing harmony and remembering to restrain your foot-drumming. His musicianship is unquestionable: At one point his slide-playing sounded identical to a bristly fiddle.

The duo introduced every song with some stolen-glance, inside-jokey banter that mostly fell flat on the audience. Rather than revealing the song titles, they announced subject matter and dedications: "This is a song about living at the bottom of the sea," "This is a song for everyone who has ever been a child or still is," "This is a song about loving someone so much you should probably strangle them"-- and so on.

Holly's breed of dream-rockabilly and blues is more of a slow-chugging train than thrumming hotlicks. Her gauzy vocals and tin-can reverbs make rage and loneliness sound seductive. When accompanied by Lawyer Dave, Holly often came across as a country-girl impersonator rather than working her own shtick.

The best harmonies of the night appeared on a song called "Getting High for Jesus," which, if performed by someone other than an established rock 'n' roll chanteuse, might feel like abject novelty.

Holly's fanbase turnout was significant enough to impress the duo, who, humbled, sounded apologetic, as if they had anticipated a quiet night. Though grateful for their first time through Little Rock, next time let's hope they bring some fire.

-Natalie Elliott

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