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Dwight David Honeycutt gets a campaign song



Man is Dwight David Honeycutt fundraiser I told you about awhile back shaping up.

Here's the teaser:

The election is over and Dwight David Honeycutt lost, but he still has a message for you. You want an honest politician? Well, come to Juanita's on the 16th and he promises to freak your shit out.

I've got a Q&A with DDH coming that'll help convince you that he will, indeed, freak your shit out. And we know, from seeing them often that Frown Pow'r (featuring the Times own JT Tarpley singin') and 607 and Bobby will freak your shit, too, but more in a "let's have a party and get buck" kind of way.

And now the ante's been raised even further as 10-Horse Johnson has joined the bill. The LR/LA-based group does country parody, so far really only live in LA and on Playboy Radio (Sirius XM channel 99). Last year, their Thanksgiving special, "A Playboy Home Companion," drew 5 million listeners. Thanks to that success, the group's already booked for an Independence Day special. Their Dwight David Honeycutt theme below will air then.

10HJ says, ideally, the song would include a marching band. Any in town free next Friday?

If the phrase "bust a nut" isn't kosher in your workplace, you probably shouldn't listen to this song until you get home.


Or download: "Dwight David Honeycutt"

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