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Register for the Rock Candy 500



Photo by Patrick Jones.

Just a friendly reminder: The Rock Candy 500 is on the horizon. We race on Thursday, May 6. But, new this year, we're requiring advance registration by April 29 (so making the bracket won't be such a bitch). You can print out the registration form here, or find it in this week's paper. If mailing it in or dropping it by our office is a real pain for you, send me an email at lindsey @, and we'll work out a way to do a credit card order.

More stuff you need to know.

1. Here are the rules.

2. You can get pinewood car kits, which come with a block of wood, wheels and axles, at just about any hobby store in town. Or you can order all kinds of pre-cut car shapes and slick add-ons -- decals, fenders, speedier axels -- from Pine Pro online. If you mention the Rock Candy 500, they'll give you free shipping.

3. You do not have to be handy to put together a pinewood derby car. If you get a pre-cut one (also available at hobby shops), merely painting it pretty will put you in the running.

4. Spread the word. The 500 was major league fun last year.

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