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Watch: Juggalo jokes, more '$5 Cover'



With a special appearance by Mrs. Potato Dick.

It's been out there for a minute now, but 'SNL's' parody of Juggalo culture is spit-on-your-computer-screen funny. Stick with it; it gets funnier the longer it goes on. Though, I guess I should say, it's NSFW for language, probably.

More opportunities to waste your afternoon: I happened on a couple of the companion mini docs from "$5 Cover" in Memphis and some of them are really great. Alijca Trout and Jack Oblivian's are both intimate, honest seeming portraits of the musicians making art work in their lives. Amy LaVere's is a collection of evocative shots with LaVere goin' on about love. And Harlan T. Bobo's stop motion philosophical treatise on love is deliriously wacked out.

Also: "Humpday's" Lynn Shelton is doing a "$5 Cover" in Seattle. Looks not bad.

Maybe Little Rock can get one in 2020.

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