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Androids to rock no more (2007-2010)


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(photo by Lizzie Burnham)

It's always a huge bummer to hear of local outfits adjourning before their time, but when the news is unexpected as the disbanding of local bass and drum duo Androids of Ex Lovers, it bums doubly.

A synthesis of DFA1979 and The Melvins, Androids specialized in tooth-vibratingly rock, loud, expansive and boiled down to its essence with bassist/singer Chris McCollum and drummer Sean Rowe both bringing tremendous technical prowess to their signature, howling hard-math sound. Those in the know will surely agree they consistently put on some of the best shows in town. Those who slept on their gigs, you missed out. Big time.

Here's hoping for a final show for both their devotees and those poor ears who never picked up the signal.

Thick Syrup Records released their self-titled debut last year. MP3 downloads are available at Amazon.

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