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Watch: 'Smokes & Ears' and lots of other food docs for free



There weren't nearly enough folks at the Ozark Foothills FilmFest in Batesville on Saturday, especially for "Southern Succulents," a showcase of short documentaries by Joe York, who works in partnership with the Southern Foodways Alliance to document Southern food culture.

But lucky for you, all of Joe's films are online for your streaming pleasure. And most of them are short enough to watch at your desk over lunch, but then again that might make you feel bad about your lunch.

All of those that screened on Saturday were excellent, but my favorite was probably the one I embedded above, "Smokes & Ears," a profile of the Big Apple Inn in Jackson, Miss., known for its pig ear and hot smoked sausage sandwiches. They're both served on Krystal-style buns and topped with mustard, slaw and hot sauce.

It's got all the elements of a great Southern food story --  ethnic cross pollination, invention by necessity and oddball characters (Early in the film, Bobby Rush, wearing a "There's Only One Bobby Rush" ballcap, shows up to make up a song on the spot about pig ear sammiches).

But again, all that I've seen have been great.

York, who was in attendance on Saturday, is sticking around Arkansas for a little while. He's doing a piece on spoonbill caviar, one on Gene's in Brinkley and maybe one more. In fact, I think he'd take suggestions. I'll forward any comments you post below.

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