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Friday To-Do: 'China Rocks'



P.K. 14

9 p.m., Maxine's, Hot Springs.

Maybe labeling this show in an ethnocentric manner does the bands a bit of a disservice. But it's true that the first word, “China,” raises eyebrows and may send people scampering to YouTube to check out the acts, but the second word, “rocks,” doesn't lie. I've listened to AV Okubo stab through a cover of the Gang of Four classic “To Hell With Poverty,” looped Carsick Cars chanting their standout track “You Can Listen, You Can Talk,” and just discovered that P.K. 14 was featured in Time Magazine in 2008. This isn't some novelty act, folks; these are three really fantastic post-punk bands all set to stun. With Arkansas's piggyback ride on SXSW's shoulders winding down to a close, take advantage of seeing an odd, great lineup with this show.

John Tarpley

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