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Huckabee at the stove



A Montana newspaper focused on food and diet when Mike Huckabee made a recent appearance at a local Christian school. It said this about the author of a book on wise eating, "Quit Digging Your Grave With a Knife and Fork:"

However, at his recent appearance at Foothills Community Christian School's annual fundraising banquet, it was hard not to notice that the former governor looked a little larger than he appeared on the covers of his books.

Any of us who've ridden that roller coaster can sympathize. We're not sure we subscribe to his idea of a healthy snack choice, however, given the fat and calories involved:

At the Foothill's banquet Monday night, Huckabee shared his favorite healthy snack choice: "I snack on nuts. They are a great healthy snack and full of protein," he said. "My thought is if a food wasn't around 100 years ago, it's probably not that good for you today."

Huckabee really went off the rails when he shared his favorite recipe for jambalaya. It wasn't the two pounds of sausage and ground meat he uses (to only two cups of rice). It was the black-eyed peas. That's not jambalaya. That's hoppin' john.


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