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Dinosaur Feathers in Arkansas



Looks like Dinosaur Feathers just picked up a last minute gig at Maxine's in Hot Springs tonight.

The Brooklyn trio does experimental folk pop somewhere in the sonic neighborhood of Animal Collective and Vampire Weekend.

"I wanted to create something that seemed sort of fantastical, but when you broke it down into its elements, was still very organic," front man Greg Sullo told the Village Voice last year. He said his approach is about "taking a look back at those old '50s and '60s songs and reimagining them with modern technology that the Beatles and Os Mutantes didn't have."

The band's got a new record called "Fantasy Memorial" that includes a song called "Teenage Whore" that I'm down with. You can stream it on MySpace.

After Maxine's they have a show in Little Rock at someone's house on Friday. We've decided that we don't have any business publicizing house shows, but you could probably figure out the details on your own pretty easily.

That the dudes play Hot Springs tonight and Hot Springs on Friday means they'd probably be down for another gig between now and then. Anyone got a stage?

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