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Free Candy: Little Rockers covering Big Star



Big Star. That's Chilton in the sweater.

Not ready to give up on eulogizing Alex Chilton yet.

First in song. Three really strong covers from two Little Rock pop institutions and an esteemed alum:

The Boondogs "O Dana"

American Princes "Don't Lie To Me"

Elegant Too (featuring Chris Maxwell of The Gunbunnies) "Nighttime"

And here's an addition to the "Little Rock remembers Alex Chilton" post JT did last week. A good one from Jason Weinheimer:

Right after Garageband folded, after we'd waited two years for our record to come out, I was in New Orleans eating at Coops. I was sitting with friends and he came in by himself, wearing his waiter's uniform. This is when he was just kind of hiding out in New Orleans, waiting tables at the French Market Cafe. Of course, no one with me knew who he was, so I spent the meal explaining. Then, right before he was about to pay, I walked over to him and said, "Alex?" I could just see this "oh, crap" look in his eye, but I said, "I've got a story for you that I think you'll like: I made a record with Jim Dickinson, and it's been sitting unreleased for two years and the record label that was supposed to put it out just folded. So I called Jim the other day, and I said, 'Jim, what're we gonna do?' And he tells me, 'Don't worry about it; it'll come out in 20 years and we'll all be famous like after Big Star's "third!" Once he heard my story, Chilton's entire demeanor changed and we talked for a long time. By the end of our time, he was trying to convince me move to New Orleans and buy a house in his neighborhood.

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