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Ride the drunk bus



Everybody knows Central Arkansas is bad for drinking and getting home safely. Public transpo doesn't go late. There aren't many cabs. Everything's spread out.

Bumblebee Transportation's
already stepped into the void. Now the Friday Night Safe Ride Trolley's getting in the game, with an eye on expansion.

Beginning tonight, you can hop between Hillcrest and the River Market, pretty much all night long, on one of Arkansas Destination's 40-passenger buses masquerading as trolleys (the same buses that Second Friday Art Night uses). The plan is for the bus to leave Hillcrest, outside of The Foundtain on Kavanaugh, at 7:30 p.m. and then, throughout the night, land in the River Market on every hour and return to Hillcrest on every half hour until 2:30 a.m.

OutOntheRock.com's Wally Waller is heading up the venture. Groups going out on the town are his target, he said today.

To that end, the initial price structure is aimed at what he called "viral opinion leaders." In other words, people who like to go out a lot and have a lot of friends. Tonight, there's a $10 introductory offer that gets you access to the trolley all night long. In the future, a $30 membership affords monthly access. Members' friends will be able to come along for $10 and out of town visitors, referred to the trolley by their hotel, will get a $10 rate as well.

Waller said he anticipates everything in the business -- the pricing, the route, the number of trolleys operating, the days of the week he runs the service -- to evolve as he gets more feedback from the market.

Also, it's not just a trolley/bus, it's a party trolley/bus. Waller plans to put a small DJ set-up with lights in the back of the bus.

He'll be tweeting updates throughout the run every week via http://twitter.com/outontherock.

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