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Download/Stream: Arkansas Bo's 'The Notebook'



Nice collection from Stuttgart's finest. It's a mix of brand new tracks, relatively new songs released on recent Suga City mixtapes and old standbys ("Arkansas Sound" is way old, but still way awesome). Aesthetically, even with a lot of different looks — Bo affects a rude bwoy Jamaican accent at one point, with surprising success — it's more of that slow-roll, deep soul-influenced, awesomely Southern, driving around music that Bo does well enough to get a following well beyond Arkansas.

All in all, through a DJ Booth co-sign, a solid introduction to a national web audience, a good foundation to build on.

But if Bo's to truly breakout, he's got to quit rapping about how difficult it is to make it as a rapper. It's a symptom, I'm sure, of this enormous, crippling chip Arkansas rap carries on its shoulder for not getting any kind of national recognition. But local rappers need to summon a little self-awareness. Write what you know, sure. But don't forgot to consider whether anyone will care.

Download/stream via DJ Booth.

Also, after the jump's the sequel to that video we posted last week. Bo turns into some sort of alien.


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