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Found Footage of 'Little Marines'


So everyone that missed the Found Footage Festival over the weekend blew it. The idea, you'll remember, is that age of VHS produced an almost endless cache of bizarre hilarity that’s just waiting to be rescued from thrift stores, truck stops and trashcans across the country. Friday at Market Street completely sold me on the idea. There was a montage of ’80s exercise videos that included Milton Berle in drag, Jazzercise with actual dancing elephants and a new-mother-with-infant routine (“is your baby feeling the burn?”); clips from what was billed as “the world’s first nude pop video”; and, special for the hometown audience, a newly cut trailer for “Little Marines 2,” an ’80s film shot in Central Arkansas that might represent the nadir of our state’s not very rich film history. The trailer makes it look like David Lynch lobotomized.

Check it out above. I think the kid drinking the chocolate syrup above and saying "never!" with the Mohawk below in an equally great clip from "Little Marines 1" is Steve Landers Jr., of the Landers Automotive TV commercials. But maybe someone out there knows better.

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