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Free Candy: Elton and Betty White's 'Sex Beyond the Door'


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Score. Uncovered over the weekend thanks to the Elton and Betty White Facebook page: 46 mp3 tracks from the ribald Little Rock duo's "Sex Beyond the Door" on WFMU's Beware of the Blog. The downloads come in two parts and include all your NSFW favorites -- "Climaxation," "I'm in Love With Your Behind," "Menopause Mama" -- as well as number I wasn't familiar with, like "Let's Put Our Booties Together," "Give Me Your Bootie" and "Breast I'd Love to Caresst."

With Elton, more often than not, what you see in the title is what you get in the song. But often, with his passionate, soul serenader's voice, that's enough. "America: We Are Sexy!" is definitely going on my next mixtape.

Betty's songs have structure. And usually they take a darker, more bizarre path than Elton's. "Sex Beyond" finds the first lady of munchkin country cataloging a history of sexual indiscretion and abuse ("Life Is Full of Temptations"), warning a 12-year-old from flirting with her man and sending him to "the pen -- penitentiary that is" ("Only Twelve") and celebrating a lover whose prowess in the bedroom made up for him having the worst breath in town ("The Worst Breath in Town").

Definitely worth a listen. These links have been active for a year now. Who knows how long they'll stay that way.

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