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Saturday To-Do: Heypenny



9 p.m., ACAC Arkansas, $7.

When bands intentionally piece together so many undiluted and disparate components of pop music with no regard to subtlety, it's like diluting cotton candy with syrup or concocting a cocktail out of the strongest liquors (and cleaning solvents) you happen upon in your kitchen. Heypenny works with that type of mad mindframe, throwing everything — horns, staccato chants, synths, marching bands, backup singers — in the blender, then seeing what happens. Surprisingly, the “suicide slush” of songs works really well. In fact, they've received a fair bit of attention from MTV, who ran their video for “Copcar,” for their OK Go by-way-of Go! Team sensibilities. (Also, it should be noted that this band is two-thirds Arkansan, with Ben Elkins representing Fayetteville alongside fellow UA alum DJ Murphy.) Heypenny also brings fellow Nashville pop-rockers How I Became the Bomb. Rap virtuoso 607 and (full disclosure, my band) Frown Pow'r, provide an odd duo of local support.

John Tarpley

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