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Give me that 'Slow Southern Steel'



This week's cover story is on Rwake, a band I've long known was a big deal nationally, but one, until this story came along, I hadn't really delved into much. Count me as a convert. It's challenging music, but hugely rewarding after a few listens, once you've adjusted your ear to cope with the demon screams and heaviness. What Erik Larson, of Alabama Thunderpussy and Avail, said to me about Rwake was so apt, I thought: "It's almost like jazz."

Now that I'm a new convert, I'm ready to dig deeper into the underground metal scene. "Slow Southern Steel" looks like the ticket. It's a documentary on the Southern underground metal scene that Rwake's CT, who's a huge player in underground community, has been working on for a couple years now.

He's hoping to premiere it either at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Fest or SXSW 2011.

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