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Hankwatch 2010: WWT shines



White Water, ready for her closeup. (Picture by John Earney, click for full size)
And Hankwatch 2010 keeps rolling. Sunday night saw dear old Thayer St. illuminated with massive lights and White Water Tavern with a new look.

(Update: WWT co-owner and upper-case Dude among Dudes, Matt White, donates a few great pictures of the set after the jump and gives us a few specifics in the comments.)


(Picture by John Earney. Again, click for full size.)
Now, it's a bit hard to see in these pictures, but a circular, neon sign was placed on the top, lefthand corner of the facade (that looked really cool in person) and the flyers and newspaper racks of the foyer were replaced with appropriately dingy, silver streamers and a couple tin prints of horses.

Oh, and a handful of really gorgeous, antique cars were on hand, too.

Anyway, White Water's already a hecka photogenic place to begin with. Can't wait to see what the film crew did with it.

(All following pictures by Matt White.)




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