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Quarterfinal Time



Chef Jason Godwin starts prepping the items in the quarterfinal heat of the 2010 Diamond Chef preliminary competitions going on over at the Peabody Hotel right now. 


On the other side of the room, Chef Jason Knapp goes through the items in his mystery box. It's a Battle of the Jasons here! The items in this box include Denver cut beef, rum, kohlrabi, saltine crackers, gorgonzola cheese, and gooseberries.

The winner of ths round will advance to the finals June 8th at the Statehouse Convention Center. Heat 6 will begin shortly after this competition is concluded; Chef Daniel Capello and Chef Donnie Ferneau will face off for the other position in the finals.

Chef Godwin's creation:


Chef Knapp's creation.


And the winner is:  Chef Jason Knapp.

And in the final heat -- some odd ingredients for Chef Daniel Capello and Chef Donnie Ferneau:


Fiddlehead fern heads, sirloin steak, peanut butter, cottage cheese, brandy and passion fruit. Yeah, there you go.



And what can you make out of that?  See what Chef Capello did:


And what Chef Ferneau came up with: 


And the winner is:  Chef Daniel Capello.

Chef Jason Knapp and Chef Daniel Capello will face off June 8th at the Statehouse Convention Center in the Diamond Chef 2010 finals.  Should be a blast. 

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