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Saturday To-Do: ACH Dodgeball Tournament



2 p.m., ACH East Campus Fitness Center. $5.

It's amazing how such a seemingly simple game can elicit feats of gymnastic virtuosity from the most unassuming of players. But watching an 8-inch-diameter rubber ball take a beeline towards your nose at 50 MPH can bring out the inner Olga Korbut in anyone. That said, launching said ball at an opponent is a stress reliever of the highest degree. This Saturday, medical fraternity Phi Delta Epsilon and The Buzz 103.7 FM host a dodgeball tournament to benefit Arkansas Children's Hospital. With separate men's, women's and coed leagues, the dodgeball tournament should feature the steeliest, fastest and stealthiest. And hey, if you find yourself on the business end of a line drive, you'll literally be surrounded by doctors. Registration begins at 1 p.m.

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