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Meatless Menu.



I’ve had some contact with readers who are practicing Lent this year, looking for meat-free meals around town, other options outside of cheese pizza and bean burritos, if you know what I mean.

So it was fortuitous to find out that 4 Square Gifts has opened in the Center for Arkansas Studies in the River Market. The bright little gift shop just opened Friday and it’s full of all sorts of Arkansas products, from J&M Cheese Straws to Sassy Jones Little Pullet Bullets (pickled quail eggs, in case you were wondering. It’s also a place to pick up a quick vegetarian lunch.



Today’s special: Egg Salad Sandwich, which sounded pretty good. But one look in the to-go case and I was all about some Hummus Wrap. The $5.95 green thing was just calling to me with bits of fresh spinach, carrot and onion. I grabbed a bottle of fruit juice and settled with the register, then sat down on a barstool at one of the tables to examine my purchase.

Now, you may not be a hummus fan -- my husband doesn’t like it -- but I do, and combined with lots of fresh veggies it made for a pretty darn good lunch. I wasn’t weighed down afterwards, no greasy aftertaste I’d later regret. Decent.

From a quick scope, all of the lunch entrees are $5.95. There are also fruit cups (pineapple, red grapefruit, mandarin orange), yogurts and a fine selection of cake and pie slices. I almost gave in to a $2.50 hunk of German chocolate cake. There’s all sorts of beverages (sodas, fruit juice, water, milk). There was even a basket of fresh apples for $1 each. Oh, and there’s a Yarnell’s ice cream case, in case all that healthy eating earns you a splurge.



Mind you, 4 Square Gifts is still brand-spanking new. These places take time to grow. If you’re over in the River Market, give it a look-see.

You’ll find it on the first floor of the Center for Arkansas Studies facing the Ottenheimer Market Hall on President Clinton Avenue. They’re open 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and ten to four on Saturday. I’d give you a phone number, but I haven’t found one yet. I’m guessing they’ll fill their website with information soon. Yes, it’s that new.

UPDATE:  I signed up for the mailing list while I was in there yesterday, and they sent me a list of specials this morning.  The phone number is (501) 291-1746.

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