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It's what's for dinner



You might have missed word that the Arkansas Times has set up a Flickr photo pool, Eye on Arkansas. We're encouraging people to send in photos of people, places, things and events in Arkansas. Pretty is good. Idiosyncratic is good. Funny is good. News is good. Anything Arkie is good.

We also welcome food pictures because we hope to draw on the pool for use on our various blogs, including this one. Thanks to Don Dailey's photo stream, we have our first Flickr pool entry for Eat Arkansas. It's his shot of a 10-ounce filet at Sonny Williams. He writes:

We sat next to a corner window where we could watch the River Market activity as we ate. The window light was just bright enough to get a decent shot. I only took one because I was pretty self-concious of whipping a camera out in a fancy restaurant to shoot the food. 

I always forget to take the picture because I'm in too big a hurry to start eating.

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