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"Rock 'n' roll" grocery coming to River Market



The future home of Green Grass Rock'n'roll Grocery and Bodega.

Local promoters and men-about-the-town Erin Hurley and Mike Brown have partnered to develop what they call Little Rock's first "rock 'n' roll grocery and bodega," where they'll sell staple groceries; tourist items; locally produced clothing, art and CDs; smoothies; tickets to local concerts and various other sundries.

The future location of Green Grass Rock 'n' Roll Grocery and Bodega, as Brown and Hurley are tentatively calling it, is 301 President Clinton Ave., the former home of River Market ArtSpace. The move comes as part of a sort of real estate hop scotch. The former ArtSpace 3,800 square-foot ArtSpace property has been subdivided into two separate 1,600 square-foot properties. Ten Thousand Villages, currently located at 305 President Clinton, will occupy the new corner property, 301 B. Green Grass will go in 301 A. And Ernie Biggs will expand into the old Ten Thousand Villages space.

Brown and Hurley plan, at least initially, to be open daily, beginning around 11 a.m. Wednesday through Saturday and for special events they plan to remain open until 2:30 a.m.

In addition to smoothies, there'll be what Brown says is an "old-school soda fountain." And Yarnell's and Diamond Bear root beer will be available.

The partners see Green Grass as filling, not just the convenience store void in the River Market, but also the lack of a River Market tourist hub.

"It'll be a little store with a lot going on," Hurley said.

Both say they'll continue in their current jobs. Brown bartending at Revolution and booking the occasional show at the venue or elsewhere, though fewer, he said. And Hurley booking for Juanita's.

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