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Arkie Idol Update: It's all over, probably



Keia Johnson,
26, Memphis (Miss ASU '04)

Screen time:
None. Unless I completely missed it. But her Twitter feed tells the story. She'll be in LR for a performance on the 26th. More details soon.


Dave Pittman,
27, Gassville

Screen time: Eliminated last week. Got a keep-at-it from Kara, but otherwise was only part of a montage of the losers.


Jim Ranger
, 27, Bakersfield, Calif.

Screen time: Eliminated in night one of Hollywood Week. 

Charity Vance, 16, Little Rock

Screen time: Quite a bit again. We got a shot of her looking especially nervous, footage from her audition and then a couple minutes of her singing the Sara Bareilles' ballad, "Gravity." But it wasn't to be.


Zachary Hickman, ?, Mayflower

Screen time: Has this dude every actually appeared on the show? All I know about him is what's on this video, including that he worked at the Rep (pretty big coup for the Rep that two vets made it to Hollywood). So chances are, he's gone, but we'll have to wait until tonight to see for certain.

: Arkie Idol Update: Charity Vance has a really good "ohmyGod!" face

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