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Weekend To-Do: Gravity Slashers



7:30 p.m., Verizon Arena. $10-$23.

If you're an X Game nut, or just interested in seeing people fly through the air on motor bikes, performing tricks with names like can-cans, heel clickers, superman seat grabs, strippers, super flips, cordovas, dead sailors, cliffhangers, sterilizers and tsunamis, then this is definitely your scene. I can't rightly describe what any of those look like in real life, but rest assured they're the kind of all-out aerial acrobatics that will push you to the edge of your seat, forcing you to hold your breath and cross your fingers in the hopes that what goes up comes back down safely. Coming off stunt-filled stops in Salt Lake City and Wichita, the touring band of freestyle motorcross pros come to Verizon on a two-night stand. Same time, price on Saturday.

Gerard Matthews

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