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Still The Same.



You think of Zack’s Place, you probably think of darts and pool and those plate dinner specials that change every day and are marked up on that wipe board. Or you think about the appetizers.

When I go to Zack’s Place, I think of so many wasted afternoons and evenings in my post-college days. But of course, I think of food. Like the Fried Salad ($6.99), an old favorite with pieces of fried chicken strips, whole cashews, chunks of tomato and greens served up with that cup o’crackers. That, to me, is comfort food.

What I did find that surprised me was dessert.


They make their own brownies, and let me tell you what -- a nice hot dense brownie with a crusty top and chewy center is perfect with a big scoop of melting ice cream and such. It’s a nutless wonder. And something rather fantastic.


Zack’s Place always has something on its $6.99 board -- anything from chicken and dumplings to meatloaf to hamburger steak to turkey and dressing to… well, there’s always something. And there’s always a nice full list of sides, like butter corn, fried okra, lima beans, mac and cheese, peaches and cottage cheese, you name it. Served up with a roll or a cornbread muffin, here’s your filling lunch.

The place still does a mean burger and still offers a great selection of appetizers (breaded mushrooms, jack cheese sticks, cheese dip, that sort of thing). And of course there’s the alcohol. Hey, it’s just a good old fashioned neighborhood bar, nothing wrong with that. You can read about my experiences there over at Tie Dye Travels, if you wish.

Zack’s Place is open for lunch and beyond Monday through Saturday. Check out the website or call (501) 664-6444 for more information.

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