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Idol Talk: Charity Vance, hated on mostly



Best video description ever?

Overlooked until now: Charity Vance's "Golden Ticket" interview. There's a dolphin impression. Also, Charity reveals that Celine Dion is her favorite artist.

But web critics didn't have much love her last night:

The Onion AV Club's Claire Zulkey, in response to a previous post on Rock Candy (just "another blog"?), sharpens her critique.

I thought in general the judges were more generous than I would have been.  Charity Vance (who I got called out on on another blog for randomly picking on, so I assert here I am just judging her singing) and her group seemed to lack energy, but her whole crew went through.

Entertainment Weekly's Michael Slezak, the dean of online "Idol" critics, not a fan:

Not sure Charity Vance took Shania's advice to hone in on the better parts of her voice between her audition and Hollywood week, because I'd have sent her home for that feathery assault on ''Irreplaceable.''

But in making fun of the idiocy of the producers' choices on group week, he does give Keia Johnson a shout-out:

I have to admit there is a tiny voice in my head right this second wondering about the fates of singers like Lilly Scott, Mallorie Haley, Keia Johnson, Aaron Kelly and other talented singers I've grown mildly/moderately attached to over the last five weeks. The way Idol casually disregards its viewers emotional investment at this point in the competition would be akin to filming a disaster flick with Angelina Jolie, Will Smith, Meryl Streep, and Tom Hanks in the lead roles, and then spending the middle third of the movie focusing on a band of blurry extras who end up getting killed off anyway.

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