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Tuesday Not To-Do: Paul Di'Anno



In the 15 years since Paul Di'Anno last toured the States, seems he hasn't been doing enough voice exercises. He's cancelled tonight's gig at Vino's because, apparently, he can't speak today following a gig last night in Nashville. Tickets will be reimbursed. Vino's said it hopes to reschedule. Bummer.


8 p.m., Vino's. $15 adv., $20 d.o.s.

Real-deal metal heads know the name. Before Iron Maiden blew up stadium-sized, before Bruce Dickinson, there was Paul Di'Anno. Maybe he didn't have Dickinson's gates-of-Hell pipes, but on Maiden's eponymous debut, Di'Anno brought a raw, street-beat punk holler that, together with instrumental touches of prog and New Wave, helped to significantly build onto the foundation of metal laid by the likes of Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. So it's fair to think of Di'Anno as one of metal's founding fathers. Maybe not Jefferson or Adams. But dude was there. Now, he's coming to Vino's on his first U.S. tour in 15 years. He'll be doing a mix of Maiden material and his own solo work. He'll probably also spend some time promoting his forthcoming book, “The Beast: Singing with Iron Maiden — the Drugs, the Groupies … the Whole Story.” Guess you've got to read it to find out all that's contained in the ellipses. Little Rock's finest Iron Maiden acolytes Sweet Eagle and Iron Tongue open along with The George Jonestown Massacre.

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