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Burger Bonanza.



I have been waiting a long time to revisit Ed Walker’s Drive-In and Restaurant in Fort Smith. Some dear friends of mine took me there back in December 2007. They had something to show me, something massive.

That something massive is Ed Walker’s Giant Cheeseburger ($25.99): five pounds of well seasoned beef topped with cheese tucked into a custom made bun and cut into eighths, with a side platter of “everything” (lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions and condiments). It’s about every synonym for large you can think of, and I bow to the person who can eat it in one sitting.




There’s no contest to swallow the thing whole, no double-dog-dares or big signs lauding the astronomically gastronomic mega-competitor who’s managed to get one down in a certain amount of time. Nope. This big burger is meant for sharing.

One of the restaurant’s waitresses brings out small plates and napkins for each member of your party, and the burger itself comes with a steak knife and pie server for doling out the pieces. 


I’ve shared two of these -- one back on that crisp day in 2007, one today with my husband and his father and with Hunter. Neither time has the burger disappeared. The first time there were six of us -- four adults and two children, and we couldn’t finish it. This time we got halfway through and threw in the towel. Good thing is, Ed Walker’s is prepared for that. They’ll bring out clamshell boxes for your condiments and vegetables -- and a cake box for whatever part of the burger you can’t manage to consume.

I’ll have up more on Tie Dye Travels later about the rest of the gastronomic experience and why I felt compelled to go back a little over two years later and do the story again.

For now, I’m searching for the answer to a question. Is Ed Walker’s Giant Cheeseburger (or Hamburger, they do come without cheese for $2 less) the largest burger in Arkansas? Is there anything else even close? I do know of one example just across our borders, which I might reveal later this week. Please share your big burger experiences.

By the way, you can find Ed Walker's on Towson Road (Business Route 71) at N Street in Fort Smith. It's open from ten in the morning until midnight, seven days a week. For more information, call (479) 783-3352.

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