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Food reviews: Cage match



I got an e-mail tonight from "Dave Wrinkle," taking vivid exception to a kind review of Dub's, a Scott area burger joint.

Let Dave speak (unedited except for one trim for defamation considerations):

Have any of the ark times staff ever eaten at Dub's?

I mean normally your food write ups...are...pretty..'ON target" and many people read and act upon your suggestions.

I have tried the Dubs..and it was weak...meat was sams....frozen cheap meat..and very cheap no flavor..buns were...Sam's was not was a walk up crappy old 1965 junky nasty place.  I guess you could had personality...but the food was just average. not a great burger...

I could not understand?   Why do some people....get write ups.and others get ignored?

It makes me wonder...if the "EDITOR" really ever ate at Dub's...or did they buy an ad...and in their case..did they pay for their ad?

Buying and paying are two different things.

Granted..I am just a reader..and I have eaten an Dubs..and it was no Heaven or Haven.  Dubs.  I was how well the picture looks..and yet....when I ate there..I got handed a sack of crappy food...from two...women wearing shorts that needed some dental work..and...Dub was in the back..smoking a ciggarette and it sure didn't represent what your picture....of the food...represented today.

It was just edible...not great..not even really good.....not worth driving out there...

I almost think I will or should see an ad..soon for Dub's in Ark Times..because I sure can't see why a food editor with a free hand to do  write ups for whoever..whenever..without regard to who buys ad space..would do a story like that for a place like that?

I mean....I can list a few awful places to eat in this town.
How about that 301 different steam tray Chinese place called NEW CHINA on JFK...which is Chinese puke and chocolate pudding....?   crawdads too.

or how about Just like Mom's...on Kiel in Sherwood...expensive and made me vomit... or...the dirty chinese "GREAT WALL" in Maumelle.   ( no extra charge for dead bugs on the floor) or the windows cleaned with wet rag...

I mean if you are going to do bottom fishing on bad places or ...awful places..that also don't buy advertising..I can give you my  10 worst places to eat.


Why has not the food editor not written about Luby's...which has changed over to the curly cue flouscent light bulbs..making the ambiance of the Lubys'  seem like a School Cafeteria...but with now a 12.00 for lunch price tag...and maybe two people that speak english in the entire cafeteria?

Not that that is a problem for me...I speak Spanish.


When are we going to max out on Mexican food places?   When I moved here 11 years ago..there was a little place in Maumelle and El Porton and maybe Hacienda on Cantrell downtown..besides the Chain Store El Chico's and Taco Bells.

Now... every single street has another new White cheese not TEX MEX   Guadalajara type Mexican Food restaurant..and....they don't pay their people..minimum wage...they employ illegals..making it..difficult for other restaurants to complete on a level playing field and...yet Little Rock seems to just Eat it up or Drink down their 2.00 Margaritas..without regard for the illegal non compliance of these Mexico Rich owners..who take advantage of their own not paying them...and yet weigh down our schools...emergency rooms under the radar...of any US Citizen responsibility.


our local immigration officials..never seem to ever investigate these potential fraud situations...involving...obscure and unavailable absentee Mexican owners.  and their own version of labor laws..involving employment and fair pay and reporting of..all receipts.

Why does the food editor not do a little looking under the front door mat at that siutation? FInd out..what those 12 hour a day...spanish speaking young men make per hour? FInd out who they live with and how many are sharing an apartment or house?

I think it is time..we hold some of these high flying Mexicans....beating the account.


Dave Wrinkle
reader/occassional advertiser trouble maker

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