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Ark. Times Musicians Showcase Round 1: Bobby



Photo by Dero Sanford.


Debut: A guest spot on brother 607's 1999 album, "Coercion of the Emperor."

From: Little Rock

Album: So far, 2006's "Bobby's World" and late last year from Ear Fear, the duo he's currently in with 607, "Album of the Year."

Multi-skilled: That's the idea at least. For the last seven months, he's been teaching himself to play electric bass, practicing 30 minutes to an hour daily.

Words to live by: Bobby says he and 607 don't worry about putting themselves out there. "We're not afraid to act whack. We like to grow in front of our audience. Quit taking yourself so seriously. We all mess up and one day we all gonna get it right."


Ear Fear "Jumper Cables"

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