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Beth Ditto might get a prize for her clothes



The Evans Beth Ditto doll.

Beth Ditto's clothing line for the British plus-size brand Evans is up for the Design Museum in London's annual Design Awards in March.

This follows  reviews like this, from Salon last summer, when the collection debuted:

For decades, the plus-size fashion desert was one more inescapable message to larger women that we were other, less than, undeserving of the nice things made widely available to women who were closer to the cultural beauty standard — that we were supposed to shut up and take whatever they gave us, because it wasn't like we could ever look pretty anyway…

That's why that stupid cat T-shirt (and related atrocities) feels like such a slap in the face to many of us, after we dared to hope for something different and better. Meet the new fat clothes, same as the old fat clothes. [via Jezebel]

You know they say, one person's stupid cat T-shirt is another's...

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