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Done, a Do-Over.


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Ever want to have a "do-over" for something you did years ago? I've been having that sort of sensation when it comes to Facci's Italian Ristorante in Hot Springs for quite some time.

We've stopped in from time to time since way back when it was in the little building a lot down from its current location, a little weekend date place for myself and the hubster before we were married. Day after we tied the knot, we ate our first post-marriage meal there. Day after that... the restaurant burned down. I kid you not.  Of course, they moved and rebuilt and moved again.

So back in 2007 I went and wrote it up for my personal blog, Tie Dye Travels. I've wanted to recommend it to you for some time, but I go back and I look at the photos I took then, and I'm just embarassed.

No more. The trip to Oaklawn may not have been a profitable one as far as the ponies are concerned, but it was fruitful as far as photos go, and I can now point you over that way and let you read more about the little restaurant that could -- and did -- survive fire and relocation along Central Avenue. Cheers.

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