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Ashlie Atkinson, going for the 'Law & Order' trifecta



Little Rock native and Hendrix alum Ashlie Atkinson is interviewed on She's currently starring in the Bridge Project's "As You Like It," directed by Sam Mendes at the BAM in New York.

It's a Facebook profile style Q&A:

Who have you played on "Law & Order"? Which edition?    

Homeless Girl Who Identifies Dead Man From Photo on "L&O" Classic (with Misters Orbach and Martin), and director of the "Lorelei Mailer Show" on "Criminal Intent." I'm an SVU away from the trifecta! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Pets' names:    

I'm not even allowed to touch the plants on our fire escape.

Favorite junk food:   

In winter, pudding. In summer, pudding pops.

Who would play you in the movie? 

Philip Seymour Hoffman...the man can do anything!

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