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Daily Digest: Kimmel murders Leno




*Improbably, after his show-length Leno impersonation and this Leno takedown on Jay Leno's own show, Jimmy Kimmel is the king of the late night battle. This, particularly as it goes along, is as awesome as it is cringe worthy. Make sure you watch until the end. There's a parting shot.

*Now Neil Young's pants are on the ground.

*More interesting than the actual article: After getting rejected from the New York Times and all sorts of name magazines, journalist Paige Williams posted a long form  profile of budget-author turned NASA engineer Dolly Freed on her website and asked her readers to donate to offset the cost of the expenses she'd incurred while reporting the story (some $2,000). "Radiohead journalism" she calls it. [Via Columbia Journalism Review]

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