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Great interview at the Oxford American's website with Lee Anthony, founder of the now-defunct Little Rock soul label True Soul. On Anthony's path to the business, on the influence of Sam Phillips and Al Bell, on the impact of DJ Shadow's "Entroducing" on the label and lots more. With lots of embedded tracks!

Nice bit about Anthony's first meeting with Sam Phillips:

Then he told me how he discovered Elvis. At first, well, I thought he was just making it all up. But he told me all his stories and I realized he knew what he was talking about. He took the money he got from RCA for the Elvis contract and started Holiday Inn. Sam Phillips eventually asked Thomas East and The Fabulous Playboys, a band I represented, to record for his new label. Our very first demo was for Holiday Inn Records. I took my field recorder to Sweet Home High School where the Playboys were practicing in the band room after school. I took the recording to Sam Phillips and he really liked it. He asked me to get them to Memphis. He said he’d pay all the studio fees and cut a demo with four songs. That was the most exciting thing for us and that’s how I got interested in recording bands.

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