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Watch: 'The Bloodstone Diaries' teaser



Dig it.

So I’m not accused of burying the lede: This is a teaser for a new web series that stars Katy Allen, wife of Kris Allen, and there’s a good chance that — ZOMG! — both Allen’s will be in attendance at this premiere at 9 p.m, Friday, Jan. 8 at Star Bar.

Other things you should know about the show:

The plot follows Bettie (Allen), who comes across “a mysterious jewel with amazing powers” and soon finds herself on the run from a secret group trying to reclaim the stone.

It comes from the brain of Arkansas Times favorite TV writer, David Koon.

Local director Gerry Bruno, who helmed the Times’ 48 Hour Film Fest winner, directs.

Bryan Stafford, known for his music video work with the Moving Front and American Princes, edits.

Patrick Beam, better known as Patrick the Angry Viewer, stars as a henchman.

And there are a lot of special effects and a good bit of the first episode was shot on Rice Street, where if you're between 20 and 35, you've probably been to a party.

Koon and Bruno and producers Susan Altrui, Eyren Mills and Eric Wilson are looking for funding to launch the series into broader production.

Koon’s already written the first season.

In full disclosure, the Times is co-sponsoring this premiere.

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