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2009 Rewind: Z for Zii-D



ZII It’s his spot to lose. Last year, we celebrated the sometimes-Little Rock-based rapper pretty much just for being awesome. This year, he actually did some noteworthy things. He revealed the origin of his catchphrase, “Waca Waca Waca,” in an interview with Rock Candy (something to do with Fozzie Bear from “Muppet Babies” and seeing words as colors). He performed for the first time in Little Rock in ages. He put out a mixtape. And earlier in the month, he released his debut full-length, “Zii Dimensional.” It may not, as he promised earlier, redefine music, but it’s fun and “Tylenole” is still as banging today as it was three or four years ago when it first leaked. Check it out below.

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