2009 Rewind: Y for Yearlies | Rock Candy

2009 Rewind: Y for Yearlies



The Rock Candy 500. Photo by Patrick Jones.

YEARLIES You know, like yearly events. The big annual festivals continue to evolve winningly. Riverfest expanded its boundary eastward to the Clinton Center grounds, which freed up the north side of the river for those of us who get a little claustrophobic now and again. The Little Rock Film Festival returned with another impressive slate of films, especially Scott Teems “That Evening Sun,” and paired them with a dizzying number of parties. And to toot our horn a bit, the Times debuted the Rock Candy 500, a pinewood derby for all ages. Aside for having only beer to drink at an event that brought out a lot of kids, it was big fun. Look for the next one in the spring, though it’s never too early to start whittling. 

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